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This field includes:
  • counseling and representing clients in criminal proceedings;
  • organization, coordination and conduct of internal investigations concerning alleged offenses;
  • advising on criminal procedural law and the observance of mandatory procedures;
  • counseling and representation of private clients in connection with criminal legal risks.
This field includes:
  • сdrawing up and analysis of business contracts of business sale, contracts between shareholders and other documents related to the implementation of the transactions;
  • establishing joint ventures, partnerships and companies;
  • consulting on corporate restructuring;
  • negotiation and development of commercial contracts;
  • passing registration procedures in state bodies;
  • consulting on corporate governance, setting a management system, ensuring the information disclosure, conduct of legal due diligence.
This area includes:
  • building effective internal processes;
  • forming the document flow;
  • development and implementation of internal policies, rules, procedures, standard contracts, employment documents, etc.;
  • development and implementation of standards of legal and claim work;
  • the formation of approaches of work with customers and risks, etc.
This field includes:
  • analysis of information related to the client's business and his/her partners, forecasting and market research, research of situations, conflicts, etc.
  • preparing the systematic material based on proven facts for making management decisions.
This field includes:
  • Complex of legal services for investment and commercial banks, institutional investors and other participants in the transactions on the capital market and in the banking sector, including lenders and borrowers, financial advisors, issuers, guarantors and sureties.
This direction includes:
  • a comprehensive system for the return of debts of natural and legal persons, providing the search and return of assets.
This field includes:
  • due diligence of real estate;
  • accompaniment of investment projects, construction projects and works;
  • advising on the acquisition and sale of real estate / land, including those owned by the state and in municipal property;
  • structuring transactions with real estate / property complexes;
  • representation in courts on all matters of land and construction law, real estate law and privatization.